Thursday, June 24, 2010

Newbie Doll Quilt Swap Boot Camp

The next best thing to the Doll Quilt Swap? The doll quilt swap for newbies boot camp! Got my partner assignment today--she sounds way cool! And she is from the same town as my son-by-marriage, I've even been there! I'm headed to Fancy Tiger this weekend to pick up some specific fabric that I know she loves and I know they have in stock. Watch here for pics-in-progress!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hoping for Doll Quilt Swap 9

Sew very excited! I have submitted my sign-up for the Doll Quilt Swap 9. Hopefully they'll let me in as a "newbie." Just began posting on flickr so that may be a factor. If it's no-go this time, I'll need to start posting regularly on flickr now, so that maybe next time will work.

It's funny because I'm new only to the swap itself. I've been sewing for 40 years and quilting for 25 but I am so inspired by all the new, young talent in online groups. It's invigorating!

I work in the quilting industry and I love my job. It's a little piece of Heaven!