Saturday, August 30, 2014

Come to the Caribbean with Me?!

I'm happy to announce that I'll be teaching for World of Quilts Travel next summer on their Quilt Cruise for a Cause. In addition to being an amazing destination—the eastern Caribbean—it will be a fundraiser for Leukemia and Lymphoma Research. 

The faculty lineup and classes look terrific. The other teachers are Linda Pumphrey, Rob Appell, Margie Ullery and Veronica Cox. I'm in good company.

I'm very excited to be teaching several new classes, including...

Achoo! Adorable Hanky Quilts

Get those vintage handkerchiefs out of the drawer and into a beautiful little quilt for your home. Learn to creatively combine hankies into an attractive small quilt for wall or tabletop. Add vintage lace, embellishments and borders plus a facing to finish. This class is loads of fun and very creative, and does not require a sewing machine. 

I've made several of these quilts and they are so much fun. When I do my "100 Small Quilts" lecture, these quilts get the most response of any pieces I bring. 

This one has a Valentine's theme. I was born on Valentine's Day so it has a special place in  my heart.

Besides the handkerchiefs, you can add bits of lace, old doilies, buttons, beads, charms and crocheted edging. Sometimes you can find old tatting to include.

Here's a closer look. Everything is attached to the base fabric by hand but it's very forgiving—totally relaxing and enjoyable!

I'll save the other classes for separate posts. Please consider joining me on this trip. It's going to be sew much fun!