Sunday, September 21, 2014

I've Lost My Voice

For about five years, I've been the primary blogger for my employer. I have a great job in an industry I enjoy, so blogging has been a lot of fun even when it's hard work, which it always is.

But now it's time to put some energy into my own blog (hopefully there's enough to go around) and I've made an alarming discovery.

I have lost my voice.

I'm so used to being the friendly engaging quilter-pal on my work blog that I'm finding it nearly impossible to sound like anything else. On a personal blog, I can say what I really think (not usually a problem for me) and how I really feel. I can be snarky or sarcastic or serious. I can tease, taunt and tell tales. I'd like to make people laugh and cry and think.

But it's going to take some time to find my own voice again. I had it once. I know it's still there. Please bear with me as I look for it.

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